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版本 9.3

Paid upgrades available to
Image-Pro Insight customers


Activate your Image-Pro Insight License

Before Image-Pro Insight can be used, a valid license file must be obtained from the Media Cybernetics Web site. A 30-day trial license is included for evaluation purposes.

If your PC has Internet access and a hardware or software license

  1. If you have a hardware key, attach it to a USB port now.

  2. When you first start Image-Pro Insight, you will see the Activation dialog.

  3. Click Activate Now to activate your license. This will load the activation web page in the built-in web browser.

  4. Enter the Unlocking Code that was sent with the product, together with standard registration information. Once your information is received, the license file will be installed on your machine automatically.

If your PC does not have Internet access

If you choose Activate Now, and your PC is not connected to the internet, you will see Step 1 of the Activation process.

The Activation Tool is a separate program that handles the various file transfers needed to activate your software.

  1. Select a path to a removable medium, such as a USB flash memory drive.
    The software will save your files to this location along with an Activation shortcut link.

  2. Click OK.

  3. Take your USB key and your Unlocking Code to a machine with Internet access.
    Once you attach your USB key to the computer, the Activation Tool should start automatically. You will see Step 2 of the activation process.

  4. Fill in the information requested and press Submit.

    You should see a screen indicating that the activation is successful.

  5. Return to your off-line PC to continue the activation process. Once you plug in the USB key, you should see Step 3.

  6. Click OK. You should now be able to use Image-Pro Insight.

To install Image-Pro Insight, insert the product DVD and follow the instructions. Note that Image-Pro Insight will not install on versions of Windows™ older than Windows™ 7 (service pack 1).

Image-Pro Insight requires the Microsoft *.NET framework. If this is not installed on your computer, the application will install it automatically.

To view and capture images from your capture device, you will first need to install the correct capture interface and drivers for your particular capture device model.

Visit and choose ‘Capture Interfaces’ on the menu to download Media Cybernetics’ capture interface files.

Capture Single Frame Images
1. Go to the Camera group on the Capture ribbon.
2. Click the Live drop-down arrow and select your device from the drop-down list.
3. Click the Live button to see a live preview of your image.
4. Click Capture to capture the image to the Image-Pro Insight workspace.

Capture Time-lapse Movies
Go to the Camera group on the Capture ribbon.

Click the Record button to capture a movie according to the setting in the Camera Control Panel.

Adjust Capture Settings

Click the Camera Control arrow in the Cameras group to open the Capture Settings dialog and adjust controls including exposure time, binning, and time lapse options, bit-depth, gain, file naming, date/time stamp and file saving options.

Acquire large, mosaic, focused images as you move around in X and Y using the combined Live Tiling and Live EDF tools in Image-Pro Insight. No automated stage or z-controller needed.

Use the saturation warning tool in Image-Pro Insight to prevent acquiring saturated images.

Measure live objects, prior to capturing your images using Image-Pro Insight software. Measure distances, angles, areas and more.

Use the alignment and EDF tools in Image-Pro Insight to correct for image shift and create in-focus images from a z-stack.

Remove background noise and reveal hidden details with the image processing filters in Image-Pro Insight software. Preview filters on your active image for instant results.

Use the Line Profile tool to measure and analyze the distance between rings and repeating patterns with Image-Pro Insight software.

1. Select the Measure Tab/Data Collector/Types button. In the Data Collector Types dialog box, browse to Data Provider Image/Table Image/Name. Please make sure you click on the "Name" to make it active as shown below.

2. Press the "Stats" button, 3rd down in the center, which brings up the dialog box shown below. In the Table area, set the table to "Measurements" as shown. You can also change the Caption. Press the OK button. Now the image name will be included in the table.

3. If you want the name to be in the first column or have the data organized by image, you can drag the "Name" column over and build your own hierarchy.



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