The Objective Imaging Hardware Automation Module for the Image-Pro platform was developed as a partnership between Media Cybernetics and Objective Imaging to implement support for specific hardware devices within the Image-Pro platform.

The Hardware Automation Module implements the support of specific hardware devices and provides user the ability to easily capture and analyze images in a single platform - Image-Pro.


Offering intuitive controls that allow for fly-by-wire control of your hardware combined with
standard tools that simplify capturing your images.

Objective Imaging Hardware Automation Module: Basic Option

Mark and Find

Monitor multiple positions on a single sample over time.The Mark and Find Option allow the user to set multiple discrete locations in X, Y, and Z and incorporate them into a timed protocol where the system returns to the set positions over the time-period dictated by your experiment. This can allow the user greater flexibility when monitoring a sample with multiple areas of interest.

Use batch processing to analyze your images quickly and easily.

Z-Stack Acquisition

Visualize the complete 3D profile of a structure within the Field of View by capturing a series of successive planes that can be com-bined into a single 3D representation of the object of interest. Set up the system to automatically determine Nyquist sampling that will optimize the system for stellar images.

Combine it with Mark and Find to capture 3D volumes at multiple locations.

Key Features

  • Software control of XY stage and Z focus
  • User list of XYZ locations for relocation
  • Software joystick control of XYZ
  • Z-stack field of view acquisition using Media Cy camera driver
  • Autofocus using Media Cy camera driver
  • Scan pattern generation with scanning without OI acquisition. Can use macros during events
  • Macro Support

Objective Imaging Hardware Automation Module: Mosaic Option

Capturing an object at the optimal resolution can be challenging specifically when the object of interest is larger than the field of view of the optical system. The solution is the ability of a system to tile several images together to create a single cohesive image that will all the researcher to see the entire object in a single mosaic. Slide Scanners are commercially available that address this need but come with a high price point.

The Objective Imaging Hardware Automation Module with XY mosaic you can transform your system into a 2D or 3D slide scanner at a fraction of the cost.

Configure the system by implementing the functionality that best addresses your application.

XY 2D Mosaic

Scan a 2D area by either selecting the area of interest, use a standard pattern or scan the entire slide. Set focus points to correct for unevenness of the slide, stage, or sample. Easily save and analyze the mosaic in the Image-Pro platform.

All features of Basic XYZ Control, plus:

  • Automatic scanning and viewing of 2D mosaics of virtually any size
  • Autofocus using OI camera driver
  • Predictive focus during scanning
  • Preview image acquisition
  • Multiple scan shapes (rectangle, circular, annular, etc.) for mosaic acquisition
  • Transfer of full and ROI mosaics from OI module to Image-Pro


Providing the same functionality of the standard XY Mosaic at a fraction of the time.

Add the Turbo option and scan at up to five times the normal speed of the standard mosaic.

Adds to XY 2D Mosaic license:

  • Turboscan Cruise and Stepped modes for high speed XY mosaic acquisition


Extend into 3D space by adding the Z-stack 3D Mosaic option and capture the entire object in a single mosaic.

Add Turbo scan and capture mosaic volumes in a fraction of the time.

All features of Basic XYZ Control, plus:

  • Automatic acquisition of Z-stack images of a single field of view using OI camera driver
  • 3D (Z-stack) mosaic acquisition of virtually any size, when combined with XY 2D Mosaic license
XY stage control
Z focus control
Image-Pro macro support
Mark and relocation to position list
Single field of view
Z-stack using premier camera driver
Single field of view
Z-stack using high speed OI camera driver
Autofocus using Premier camera driver
Autofocus using high speed OI camera driver
Uses high performance OI camera driver
Acquire XY mosaic
Acquire XYZ mosaic
*with XY 2D Mosaic licence
High speed mosaic acquisition
*with Oasis Controller

*for Z-Stack Mosaic with XY 2D Mosaic license and Oasis Controller
Prerequisites Oasis or Prior Controller Oasis or Prior Controller
  • XY 2D Mosaic
  • Oasis Controller
  • None for single field
  • XY 2D Mosaic for Z-stack mosaic
  • Oasis Controller for high speed
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